Frequently Asked Questions - Adult Rehabilitation Program

  • Intakes are done Monday through Friday from 8 am to 2 pm. Walk-ins are welcome during these hours, but we prefer appointments for Wednesdays whenever possible.
  • Is there a blackout period?  Yes.  There is a mandatory 30-day blackout period for all new clients. Some clients are required to do 45 days, but this is rare. During this time clients can only send and receive mail. No other contact with persons outside of the program is permitted. Breaking the black-out period will likely result in a restart of a person’s program.
  • Is this a Christian program?  Yes. Christian teachings are one of three major components of our program.  However, one does NOT have to be a Christian to enter the program nor is one required to become Christian to complete the program. Many religious activities are required, and all clients must respectfully attend. We do, however, believe that the best recovery happens in a relationship with Jesus.
  • Do I need to bring anything with me? Maybe. Keep in mind the blackout period. This includes court dates and medication refills. Also, we recommend bringing your own under clothes (t-shirts must be white and have sleeves) and at least a small amount of hygiene to help you get started. You may have a watch, a wallet, and 1 ring if legally married. We will supply everything else, though some exceptions are made for large people.
  • Where will I live? All clients live on-site in a room with either 4 or 6 total beds. Bathrooms are shared.
  • Do I have to pass a urine test? Yes, however, there are a couple of exceptions. You cannot be high or drunk at intake.  However, THC (marijuana) can be in the urine test and benzos are allowed if you are transported directly from a medical detox facility.
  • What if I have diagnosed mental illness? If it is 100% controlled by a medication on list C of the Talbot Medication Guide (you can find it on the internet) you are eligible for our program.  NOTE: We are not a medical facility and therefore provide to medical supervision. You are responsible and required to take medication exactly as prescribed by your doctor.
  • Do you allow women? No. There are other Salvation Army facilities that do serve women with addictions. Those closest to Reno are Chico, Las Vegas, San Francisco, and Fresno.
  • Can I reserve a bed? Typically, the answer is no.  We do reserve beds occasionally by arrangement with some organizations that we partner with.  However, even in these cases, a bed is never guaranteed until you arrive and have an interview with our Intake Coordinator.  As long as there is physical space available, the main reasons people get turned away are dirty urine tests, not having a 30-day supply of necessary medications or unable to fulfill the work therapy requirements noted previously. We also utilize a waiting list when we are at or close to capacity.
  • Do you work with courts and other legal entities? Yes. Most courts in Northern Nevada are very familiar with our program and its requirements. Those from other areas should check with their lawyer or judge to confirm.  Remember, the blackout period includes court dates. We are able to submit periodic status updates via e-mail or snail mail. After the blackout period clients are permitted to attend court hearings, parole visits and resolve other legal issues as long as they can get to the location and back on the same day, during business hours. 

If there is a question that we did not answer for you then feel free to email your question and ask it. We will get back with you as quickly as possible.