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Community Service Workers

We are happy that on Monday, June 1st, that we will be accepting Community Service Workers. We have changed our procedures for signing up for Community Service and ask that you please read below before doing anything. Failure to do so may result in you not being accepted for Community Service Work. We thank you for your time and look forward in hearing from you.

To All NSR 484.379 Violators

If you have violated NRS 484.379 you must contact us before signing up. To contact us, please contact us at

Once you have contacted us and we notify you back to fill out the Community Service Worker Packet and are approved for community service. Then the Following is required Below:

  • You will be required to complete your hours wearing Distinctive Attire.
  • It is your responsibility to notify the staff.
  • If any hours are not done wearing the Distinctive Attire then your hours will not be accepted by the court.

To All CWEP & Reno Housing Workers

  • You are responsible to report your hours to our agency.
  • We will Fax your time sheet once you take your time sheet to the Administrative Offices and request the time sheet to be faxed.
  • Failure to do these requirements may cause you to use any benefits and hours of service.

To All Prospect Community Service Workers

In the Community Service Worker Packet there is a Requirement for Reopening Page. You MUST be able to abide by these requirements in the Requirement for Reopening Page to perform your community service with The Salvation Army.

Failure to do so will mean termination of Community Service Work with The Salvation Army.

Please Note: If you are under 18 years old, you have to complete your hours with a parent/guardian present.

Community Service Worker Packet and Instructions

Please download below and fill out the Community Service Worker Packet. After filling out the packet please email it to and please include a valid phone number and email. If you do not email us a completed packet or give us a valid phone number or email then you will not be considered for community service. If the packet is fully completed with a valid phone number and email then we will notify you to setup an appointment for you to come into our offices.

When we setup the appointment to come into the office. We do require you to bring the following documents and items. If you do not bring in any of the required documents or items then you will not be considered for Community Service Work.

Required Documents to Bring

  1. Court Order, CWEP, or Housing Order
  2. Photo ID

Court Order, CWEP, or Housing Orders Must Include

  1. Legal Name
  2. Case Number(Wear Applicable)
  3. Hours Assigned
  4. Completion Date of Hours

Community Service Worker Packet