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Upcoming Events

National Salvation Army Week

Did you know that National Salvation Army Week is always after Mother’s Day? It was declared by President Dwight D. Eisenhower in 1954 to be the week after Mother’s Day for National Salvation Army Week. This is what President Eisenhower said when he declared this week for The Salvation Army.

Among Americans, The Salvation Army has long been a symbol of wholehearted dedication to the cause of human brotherhood. In time of war, the men and women of this organization have brought to those serving their country far from home, friendliness and warm concern. In the quieter days of peace, their work has been a constant reminder to us all that each of us is neighbor and kin to all Americans. Giving freely of themselves, the men and women of The Salvation Army have won the respect of us all.

As we get ready to celebrate National Salvation Army Week, we ask you to help spread the word about The Salvation Army of Reno to our community. Make sure to Like and Share the posts that we will be posting that week. And if you aren’t on Social Media feel free to check out our website at salarmyreno.org.

Donut Day

We will need your help for National Donut Day on June 7th and 8th. We will be going to various locations in the community on June 7th and 8th. See Major Charles for more information if you are able to help.

World Services

The Salvation Army serves in communities in 131 countries around the world. We preach the gospel, serve meals, provide medical care, educate children and teenagers, care for orphans and widows, rescue those caught in human trafficking and many more services. In many of the places most in need of our services, the local community cannot fully support all of the work that is done.

The Reno Corps has a goal that contributes to the more than $26 million dollars collected by Salvationists and other donors in the United States. This year we will contribute $27,500. Those of us who call The Salvation Army our church home is challenged to do our part, by putting Others above Self. We are challenged to sacrifice something in our life and giving the money we would have spent towards World Services in an act of self-denial.

Some in the congregation make a regular contribution to World Services throughout the year. They give their tithe to support our local congregational ministries, and then they give something extra towards World Services. Maybe you could consider the same thing, as God the Holy Spirit leads you.

For this year’s collection, plan to bring what you have collected to the Sunday Worship Service on May 19th. On that day we will celebrate God’s faithfulness to us and ask Him to take our gift and multiply it for His kingdom as we send it on to World Services.

May Calendar

May 15th - Family Orientation @ 6:30 PM
May 18th - Spiritual Gifts Training
May 18th - Divisional Spring Concert
May 19th - Youth Sunday
May 24th - 26th - Divisional Men’s Retreat
May 26th - Fellowship Sunday