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Adult Rehabilitation Program

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About the Adult Rehabilitation Program

The Salvation Army of Washoe County provides a 70-beds 26-week program for ages 18-62 years old men with no charge of entering the program. We help these men restore their lives themselves and with the ones they hurt. During this program, we help them to become productive people back into society. We use a balanced program of Work Therapy, Spiritual Development, and Education to help them into recovery. The recovery process is hard and through the dedication of fellow alumni of the program and competent staff members, we help that person dealing with the grips of addiction and rebuild him into a new man.

Components of the Program

There are three components of the program like stated earlier that we use to help men with the grips of addiction.

  1. Spiritual
    • Beneficiaries are required to participate in all spiritual offerings of the APR, which are based on traditional Christian beliefs.
  2. Work Therapy
    • Learning how to work and how to cope with the stresses of the workplace is crucial. All beneficiaries will do 40 hours of work therapy per week.
  3. Education
    • Participants spend time in classes to teach them about their addiction and are required to attend a minimum number of 12-step meetings both on-site and off-site.

Intake Requirements

If you are interested in entering the program or know someone that could benefit from the program then below are the requirements to enter into the program.

  1. Clean of all addictive substances. All intakes are tested for drugs and alcohol.
    • See intake counselor for details as there are exceptions.
  2. All business is taken care of that will allow for a 30-day initial restriction.
    • No Court Appointments
    • A 30-day supply of medication
  3. Able to complete 40 hours/per week of work therapy.
  4. Currently not receiving social security income.
  5. Prepared to commit to a minimum of 6 months.

Special Notes:

  1. We cannot accept into our program persons who must register as a sex offender or who have been charged or convicted with arson.
  2. Persons with a regular income may be required to pay a program fee.
  3. Only the Intake Coordinator or appropriate staff member can make the final decision in regards to the suitability of a person for the program.

Frequently Asked Questions

We get a lot of questions and so we have created a FAQ Page about our Adult Rehabilitation Program.